Tickets are available on the gate £15 per person, 16 and under go free

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Gentle reminder, motorsports venue = no dogs



Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire, Worcester. WR6 6RP


Sunday 28th August, open to clubs 8am, open to general public 9am, close 5:30pm


Tickets are £15 on the gate.


The Retro Rides Gathering returns again to the historic Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in Worcestershire. As always we will bring together our mix of club stands and RWYB hillclimb action, along with invited guest cars, retro parking, trade stands, prizes and our great laid back atmosphere.

Our club stands always a attracts a diverse range of clubs in ever increasing numbers, this year we have even more room for them, we'll also be able to host the Retro Parking in the same field. So far we have well over a thousand retro club stand cars booked in across over seventy clubs and we expect this number to continue rising.

Guest cars are one of our favourite parts of the show, giving us the excuse to make cars we really want to see attend the show. In the past we have been the first event in the UK to bring a competing Berg Cup car to the UK from Europe and run it up the hillclimb. We've bought over mind blowing 1000bhp monsters and had rare race cars take to the hill at our events. This year we're planning even more special cars for our guest slots, so keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

As we always say Hot Hatch to Hot Rod, Racer to Road Car, Drifter to Daily the Retro Rides Gathering blends it all together into a delicious day of car action. Sunday 28th August, don't miss it!

Please note: No dogs are allowed on site


Clubs stands are integral to our diverse show, and stand booking is now full.

Owners clubs, forums, groups of friends, all are welcome to our club stand area. We have filled up our allocated area for club stands. We may have space become available, please contact if you would like to be put on the reserve list for the space.


Our awards are like the rest of the show, nice and relaxed. We have a team of people to walk the show field and find what we think are the winners in each category, then they meet up and discuss their shortlists. Sometimes it is unanimous, sometimes there is much back and forth, there is however never a clipboard and check list in sight. Whilst our methods are relaxed our winners in the past have been some of the finest modified cars in the world, so you stand in could company if you walk away with a Retro Rides Gathering award. Let's look at the categories and what we'll be judging on this year.

Car Of The Year - Our star prize, we're looking here for the all-round package. It can be a well-executed idea, a fantastic quality of build, a cohesive theme that works, something that just 'feels' right, something that is the ethos and aims of Retro Rides made flesh. We do expect the cars to be well presented, but won't be judging whether you got the inside of your exhaust clean enough. This is probably hardest award for us to define, it is a car that is just right. Some years it is very hard to pick between a number of cars, other years we've known what will win as soon as we've seen it drive through the gate.

Truck - Ahhh pickup trucks, one of our favourite types of modified cars, from super low minitrucks to custom trucks to kei trucks to lifted 4WD, we love them all. However there aren't as many floating round the UK retro scene as we'd like, in order to encourage a bit more action we've created this award. Now there is entirely the possibility that only one truck will turn up and walk away with the prize, of course you should probably tell your truck owning friends to bring theirs to make sure that doesn't happen

Racer - Got a genuine race car? Got a car done up in race car livery? Well we've got the award for you. Maybe. The winner of this one will be a great looking race car. Whether that is a faux racer, a retired racer or a currently active racer is up to those that turn up. Extra points for authenticity, but we're a broad church so we'll be considering all comers.

Engine - Sometimes beauty on a car is more than skin deep. For this prize we'll be looking for crazy engine swaps, or interesting engine bays. So if you've managed to shoe horn a V12 into a Fiat 127, or you've got a swap so well done it looks OEM, or you've smoothed and cleaned your engine bay enough that you can eat your dinner off of it we're looking for you.

Cool - In previous years we come across a car that we feel deserves a prize but it doesn't really fit any of our previous year categories. For this situation we've made the Cool award. It is hard to describe what we'd be looking for here, just a car that we look at and say to each other "that is cool". Maybe it is a good idea, or just a nice car, or just well put together, or just cool. We know it when we see it

Different - Dare to be different is one of our favourite phrases. This award is for those that have gone so far outside the box that the box is just a dot to them. So bring on your bosozoku, your lifted, your single digit obscurer, your Brazilian VWs, your weird and always wonderful.

The Low Set Award - Our friends at The Low Set like to give out a prize each year for a car they feel deserving of it. It isn't purely being super low, although it never hurts your chances, it is about being a complete package, something right in the eyes of the guys at The Low Set.

There you have it, our awards for this year. Judging will take place in the morning, prize giving will take place on the show field, near the Retro Rides merch tent during the lunch break.


This year we've got a lovely selection of catering and traders for you to peruse. Remember there are no cash machines or credit car facilities on site, so stock up with cash before you arrive.

Retro Rides - First up we've got our own trade stall, replete with Tshirts, Hoodies, Stickers and Show posters. Be sure to stop by and say hi and pick up a little bit of RR to take home with you.

Force Racing Wheels - Some of the coolest custom wheels out there, this stand is a must see. Also worth asking about custom split rims.

Destroy or Die - Cool swag for the discerning petrol head, stickers, hats, tshirts, all the good stuff.

Kent Models - A full range of awesome and hard to find models imported from Japan. Perfect way to occupy yourself on those evenings too cold to head out to the garage.

Desborough Designs - Brilliant selection of keyrings, magnets and lanyards for all makes of vehicles

Autoglym - Full range of goods to make your car shiny and that little bit more awesome.

Brightwells - On site to promote their Modern Classics auctions, stop by and have a chat about picking up your next bargain.

Wales Sprint and Hillclimb - Come and have a talk to these guys about getting involved in hillclimb and sprinting, or just going to watch their next event.

Action Model Center - These guys will be down in the barn area with a radio controlled car race track for you to enjoy, swing by with your actual kids, or big kids and have some radio controlled fun.


At the heart of our show is the hillclimb.

The year's hill entry is now full, 120 cars of all shapes, sizes and years will be heading up. You can see the line up for the public entry to the hill here :


If you aren't part of a club but you turn up in a pre-92* car you'll be directed to our Retro Parking area that is part of the show field.

* or classic shaped Mini, or last edition Beetle, and we even let some stuff post 92 in depending on how full the field is, so bring your car, and enjoy the day.


Last year it rained, but not for the whole day, and the hill still ran, and people still had a good time. Check out our three videos here.