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About Gathering 2022

The Retro Rides Gathering is on the move again. We're taking our grab bag of madness to the mighty Mallory Park. We will bring together our mix of club stands, track action, invited guest cars, retro parking, trade stands, prizes, good food and our great laid back atmosphere.

We're hugely excited for the possibilities that Mallory allows us to explore, with more space, great spectator viewing and a whole new venue to make our own.

Clubs at Gathering 2022

For club booking we need contact details and an expected number of cars, we will be requesting firm numbers nearer the show and we'd like them to be as accurate as possible. Pre-2000-ish cars (there is a little wiggle room but not much) on your stands please. We would rather people commit to turning up with five cars and arriving with five than tell us they are going to have twenty five and turn up with ten. Our club display is always a great, diverse selection of what makes up the world of retro cars

Club space can be booked here:

Retro Parking at Gathering 2022

You don't have to be with a club to be part of the show. Turn up with a pre-2000 car and you can head in to the show field, park up and display alongside the rest of the cars. Our Retro Parking area is a real treasure trove of awesome cars and one of our favourite bits of the event. No need to pre book, just turn up with something suitable.

Track Action at Gathering 2022

Retro Rides Gathering is famous for its track action. We'll be continuing the legacy with a point to point sprint running on the Mallory Park circuit. With fantastic visibility across the track you'll be able to seel all the action all the time.

Track applications will open up in August.

Trading at Gathering 2022

Once again we'll be hosting a variety of suitable trade stands for you to peruse.

In order to book your trade space please head here:

Please note: No dogs are allowed on site


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